Shenyang zhongkehaituo extension Environmental Technology Co. Ltd., founded in May 2005, is currently in the highest degree of specialization, the largest water treatment company, can provide solutions consulting, design, construction and operation for the owners, five customer service as one of the diversified services company, from the original sauna bath, swimming pool water treatment to expand the spa resorts, a large bath and swimming pool water treatment, drinking water treatment and heat recovery of underground hot water treatment, water reuse, wastewater reuse bathing and other fields, the thermal recovery system of independent R & d won the national invention patents, also won the "AAA grade credit enterprise" certificate, "the credibility of the quality of service AAA enterprise" certificate, "China famous brand", "certificate of mechanical and electrical installation qualification certificate", "a member of China Swimming Association equipment committee Unit "certificate and so on a number of honors. And by the world's top brand "Pentair" for the three provinces in the northeast of China as the sole agent, is also the Spanish "astral" Liaoning Province authorized dealers.

       In 10 years, through the efforts of all sectors of the community to help and all staff of the company, the company has created a large number of brands in the engineering, such as: Traders Hotel, Liaoning, Shenyang layered Ocean Star, Dalian Harbour heights, Shenyang Xinghewan, Yingkou hung Homes Hotel, Shenyang metropolitan indoor bath field project, achieved remarkable results.

The company has always been adhering to the principle of the supremacy of users, strict examination of the production, sales, installation and service sectors in accordance with the ISO9001 management system. To rigorous scientific attitude, advanced design concepts, confidence, determination, difficulties, further to a higher goal, based on the concept of direction of the decision, with an innovative decision value, to the cast of professional quality, pioneering and enterprising endless, and the community is willing to friends and common development.

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